Fresh Local Fruit Boat Man in Castries

Fresh Local Fruit Boat Man in Castries

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If you live in the Castries area, There is a very good chance you’ve seen the Fresh Local Fruit Boat Man in Castries in the Bay.

Do you have any stories about him. Share it with us in the comments below.

Remember buy local..


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10 Responses to "Fresh Local Fruit Boat Man in Castries"

  1. Lucius Kern says:

    Fresh Local Fruit Boat Man Why don't you have a St.Lucian Flag on your boat sir? lol

  2. John Brown says:

    never seen mate in castries. gros islet alone.

  3. Robert Leon Felix says:

    Multiculturalist, Publicist or desperately in need of some shade? 🙂

  4. Glentis Frederick says:

    He be grinding off reudit beach Rodney bay. Get that cash son, ain't nothing wrong wit that!

  5. Honey Merluvlee Wilson says:

    I was home last July and we went to pigeon point, while we were swimming I turn round and there was something strange on the sea, I looked and couldn't believe my eyes, I was amazed at all of the flags, and sure enough, he seem to know that many people are dying for a close up of his boat, so he came close enough to us, stayed there for about five minutes and headed out, I was cracking up after he left…

  6. he need a st lucian flag on his boat.

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