Levern Spencer Wins Finnish Elite Games Jackpot

leverne-stluciaJoensuu, Finland – St Lucia´s high jumper Lavern Spencer won the Finnish Elite Games series jackpot after taking a fifth victory in Joensuu on Saturday 21 August.

Spencer secured her first place by winning and collecting 40 points in the five-meeting series. On Saturday Spencer´s shape was not brilliant, but 1.82m with the first attempt was fair enough to capture the 30,000 series prize.

“Of course I´m very pleased with the first place in the overall competition, but not with my result today. I´m still planning to jump at some international meetings this season, and I believe I can set good results, too,” said Spencer.

Jamaica´s sprinter Steve Mullings would also have had a chance to take the jackpot, but he was unable to run due to a hamstring cramp in the Zürich 4x100m Relay on Thursday. Neither could Trinidad & Tobago´s Josanne Lucas run the 400m Hurdles, and so the only obstacle for Spencer was Finland´s Tommi Evilä, but he could not win the Long Jump.

Denmark´s Morten Jensen leaped 8.10m in the second round with a jump that clearly seemed to be fouled, but there was not any trace of spikes on the wax board. Nonetheless Jensen´s second best leap of 8.05m would have been ample for the victory, with Evilä reaching 7.83m but was only the second best Finn in the competition, as Roni Ollikainen jumped a windy 7.86m in the sixth round. That meant that Evilä dropped into the fourth place overall, as Eemeli Salomäki won the Pole Vault with 5.35m. Salomäki had the bar raised the bar to his PB 5.61m, but none of the attempts were close.

by Terry Finisterre


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