Name This Location Game.

Name The location in St.Lucia Game

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Name The Location in St.Lucia Game.
Where was this picture taken and what part of St.Lucia is it?
Leave answer in the comments below.


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7 Responses to "Name This Location Game."

  1. Carol Noel says:

    The Pond-V/Fort
    I have fished all night there and only caught 1 fish. Some one took pity on me and gave me a fish in the end.LOL.

  2. Vandella Samuel says:

    v/fort fishing complex…. love my vf.

  3. Vinus Mondesir says:

    yes it definitely is the vieux-fort fishing complex..(home sweet home, I can see my dad's

  4. Butter Scotch says:

    vieux fort fishing port!

  5. Richard Boriel says:

    and most of those boats belong to bricco.

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