Photo Of The Day: Hotel Chocolat – The Pool

Photo by Paul Baggaley.¬†After 7 days of ‘camping food’ I was readily persuaded by Liesel to visit the gourmet restaurant at upmarket English chocolatier “Hotel Chocolat”, and what a restaurant it was! Starters, mains and desserts all contain chocolate, which ridiculous as it sounds really adds something unique and wonderful to the flavour! This is the rather exuberant guests only pool at sunset, voted in some polls as the best pool in the world!

BTW: Thanks so much for all the comments and the previous posts. I’ll try my best over the coming days to catch up! Have a great day :-).


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4 Responses to "Photo Of The Day: Hotel Chocolat – The Pool"

  1. Joseph Mahy says:

    I don;t like chocolate.

  2. Mwen contant chocolat avec creole kungfu.

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