Pregnant mother, daughter found dead

A weekend resurgence of violence in St Lucia has left three people dead.

Investigations are ongoing in St Lucia into a double homicide early Monday that left two people – a toddler, her mother and an unborn child dead with the mother’s boyfriend, father to the children a prime suspect at this time.

Police in St Lucia report the killings that occurred at about 6:00 a.m. Monday in a neighbourhood on the fringe of capital city Castries.

Reports indicate that the mother – 17-year-old Criselda Fanis and her 18 month old daughter Takisha were found dead at home with multiple stab wounds. The mother was four months pregnant.

The mother and child were both pronounced dead at the scene.

The woman’s boyfriend 24-year-old Nelson Remy who was also found bleeding at the home is currently at the island’s main medical facility, Victoria Hospital in Castries nursing a serious stab wound to the abdomen.

Police report that Remy called 911 to report that he and his family had been stabbed. He is being held as the prime suspect in the incident at this time.

Meanwhile, another police investigation is currently underway in Castries into the shooting death on the weekend of 30-year-old Terrel Reynolds also known as “Slowmo”.

Reynolds was shot at about 4:10am, on Saturday, March 10 practically in the middle of the city, on a main street – Jeremie Street – in Castries.

Reports indicate that Reynolds was in an alley in the vicinity of the residential apartments – the C.D.C on Jeremie Street – when he was approached by an individual who shot him several times.

He was pronounced dead on arrival at Victoria Hospital.

A young man is currently in police custody in connection with this incident


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7 Responses to "Pregnant mother, daughter found dead"

  1. Rosie Pie says:

    The people of St. Lucia really need to step up and get it together. The island is just way too small for all this crime.

  2. Lyn Blessed says:

    Please lets pray for our beautiful Island of St.Lucia.

  3. We as Lucians need to pray for our country, gone are the days when fun was all we had in mind. Our people have turned their backs on the Lord and judgement is upon us as a nation of love and happiness. My condolences go out to the families of the daughter and mother. My God be with you all.

  4. Honey Merluvlee Wilson says:

    My sincere condolences to everyone associated with this families. Today I sit here in Montreal, and I reflect on us parents who have to leave our country "sometimes" for a better life or should I say to be able to maintain our families with a little ease. There are some of us, unfortunately who go with our men and forget about our children as well, I have to mention that too, however, when we make decisions like this, we should make sure that our children are left in the hands of responsible adults who can care for our children and take full responsibility for them until they are adults. We are responsible for the children we give birth to. If this is not happening, we should pass our tails back to our Country to take care of our responsibility as a parent. In my opinion, no 15 year old should be shacking out with any man, even so much as having two children at such a young age. As a parent, before I blame society for failing my child, I will try to see where I as a parent failed him/her first. Now having said that about the parents, I will start with the authorities, tell me, what is normal about this situation? A 15 year old shacking out with a man and having children, and having social problems with no where to turn to, in my eyes, A teenager, and maybe in her boyfriends eyes A woman, or girl.
    There are loads of social problems that we face with teenagers now, and we want to blame others when we are the ones failing our children first. We are silent about too many social issues affecting our society today. eg…A child resides with her uncle and his wife, he sexually molests her"uh goo koy" every night, and when social services are notified, they simply take the child from the home, what about the(I don't want to use a word here) bastard who molested her? Is this sending a message to him, that it's perfectly fine to keep molesting the next available child? That this other child will simply be pulled away from his claws until he attacks another? And yes this same man whom everyone in the know how sick he is…is driving students to school!
    What the hell is going on with us, are we asleep? How can a parent sit on his/her royals and know that their child is going through that kind of life in St. Lucia and not do anything about it? I could care less who may attack me on my opinion here. I left my daughter when she was 11 first with my family, came back home and left her again when she was 12, and if for any reason I was told that she was living that kind of life, I would never sit my rass here in Montreal, I would find my way home to take up my responsibility, if men have to be put in prison, that's where they will go.
    We need to get professionals who can deal with our children's behavioural problems. There should be facilities where young people like this teenager could go to get support and refuge from beasts like these. If for any reason we as parents feel overwhelmed with our efforts to guide our children, there should be supports systems in place for us.
    Men…you guys are the one doing most of these killings, when a man takes a knife and stabs a baby, he cannot be more heartless, he could be sick, but he is a (I don't want to use this word here). What is wrong with the men in our society, some of them sorry.
    Why not address the root of the problem, why do parents like me have to leave our country so much, why can I go to a foreign country, take care of my family, go to school, broaden my knowledge, and because I am a certain age I can't get a job in my country, that is ridiculous, we do not even make an effort to call our citizens back to our country, provide them with opportunities so that they can give back to their country, we have broken families because of this, we need to look at our social problems in a broader perspective. We need to take time to acknowledge and address our problems, we need to see some changes.
    Before the life of abuse of every type was hidden, it's amazing that today in 2012, we are still so secretive and ashamed about such. Make no mistake, the more we chose to keep these things quiet, the more they escalate. Children are scared of going to their parents with their problems, where are the social workers that we employ in schools so that our children can have someone else they can talk to…while on this subject, social workers have to learn to keep their gob shut about the child's problems too, do you job professionally..some of our "professionals" cannot be trusted because their mouths are opened 24 hrs like Mc Donalds….there are too many topics that one can talk about today, problems that's affecting our daily lives, but we sit in our chairs and fight each other. If we begin today, there can be many positive changes tomorrow.

  5. Alex Dahut says:

    blood clot

  6. Deidre Saw says:

    such a beautiful Place. So sorry that this violence is happening.

  7. I Lived the first 19 years of my life in St Lucia and it is very saddening to read about the atrocities that are happening on such a beautiful island.

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