St lucia Mineral Baths – Why is the water black?

From St.Lucia mineral baths. Leave your answer in the comments..
Why is the water black?


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3 Responses to "St lucia Mineral Baths – Why is the water black?"

  1. comming from the sulphure of the volcano

  2. I am both surprised and dissapointed that the various Political Parties in government have been so inept and have wasted our Sulphur medical properties in Soufriere by allowing this to flow to the sea and waste such a valuable commodity on the island. We as a people and amongst us have not recognised this very important and natural resource. We have an opportunity to create and generate employment for the people of Soufriere by utilising this health properties (i.e. this can be bottled and made into a wide range of health products for export – marketing all over the world rather than go to waste. We do not want government and Politicians to allow foreigners to come in and tap this golden opportunity). We need good common sense and for the Soufriere Foundation to take the initiative on behalf of local residence. We need for ourNational Stakeholders to be involved; i.e. small businesses, the local and national banks, Credit Unions, individual Nationals Overseas, local businesses and individuals, the various St Lucian Overseas Associations in the UK, USA, Canada etc. to invest financially along with government to instigate this process. After all why are you in government – it is part of your responsibility to find overseas lucrative markets and to create a climate for our people to generate products and stop importing unnecessarily instead we need to attract currencies from overseas by selling our own manufactured goods. We need to create our own opportunities and investments and stop relying solely on others and let us get together like other races to do for ourselves by utilising what we have and stop concentrate on what we do not have. Nationals, If you agree with me out there, lets start a debate on how; when; whom on that basis and let's take the initiative — the banks should do their bit and we can all invest – so sums too small.

  3. Harry Best says:

    Black water can indicate sulfur reducing bacteria growth at temperatures less than 120 degrees temperature. This is normally present with a strong sulfur or rotten egg odor… The presence of a rotten egg odor will always be in the hot water side if sulfate reducing bacteria is the cause… The color spectrum with water indicators is wide and, if learned, can make solving cosmetic, bacteriological and chemical problems easier to identify.–Wiki.

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